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Compass Guarding was founded on in September 2009 in an effort to offer clients more efficient and cost effective security solutions. The founding members brought with them extensive expertise and experience in various facets of the security industry and these were consolidated to form Compass Guarding.

Compass Guarding is an equal opportunity employer and prefers to support suppliers and to serve clients who share the same values. While thorough planning is a non-negotiable in our business, we are also flexible and immediate in our management style and our clients have come to value this.


We believe that passion, commitment and consistency creates confidence, trust and respect on all levels – and to this end, we shall continually train, educate and invest in our staff. Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients the most comprehensive professional corporate guarding service in the Western Cape.


At Compass Guarding we shall consistently evaluate our business to achieve the following:

  • To provide a safe environment for our clients
  • To provide a corporate guarding service of the highest standard, with all clients treated with respect and honesty
  • To provide a cost effective, highly competitive force in our specialised field
  • To be an equal opportunity employer
  • To be recognised as a company of distinguished quality
  • To employ individuals based on their competency levels and not to discriminate
  • To ensure that our employees know that they are our most valued asset and that they will be provided with opportunities for growth and development
  • To be second to none in standards of service and excellence.


We embrace BEE and understand that “no economy can grow by excluding any part of its people, and an economy that is not growing cannot integrate all of its citizens in any meaningful way” – (SA BEE Strategy document).

The underlined business intentions of BEE are:

  • Skills development
  • Job creation
  • True Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social development
  • Ownership and management.

We are proud to have achieved a Level 3 BEE Certificate.


The current Security Operational Management has a combined 96 years of experience in the security industry. Our management team includes:

  • Ernst Bester: CEO
  • Eckhardt Bester: Operations Director (Non Executive)
  • Lin Bester: Director (Non Executive)

The company structure consists of a further four Senior Area Managers allocated to the Cape Town Region.  In addition, the Boland Region is managed by a Senior Area Manager and two Senior Supervisors.

Technical Department:
We specialise in the installation of CCTV cameras, booms, electric fences and alarms.

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